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Quality decorators are the masters of illusion

Faux finishing is the latest technique to take the world of interior decorating by storm. It involves using paintwork to create the illusion of wood graining or stone finishes which look amazingly realistic.

The skills developed by Gloucester-based Martin Green Traditional Decorating Ltd in this area are in great demand, initially in the London area but now in other parts of the country as well.

The company’s owner and quality director Martin Green explained: “Faux finishing is the art of making paintwork look like real wood or marble.It used to be hugely popular in the 1930s and 40s. It is something that certainly seems to be coming back into fashion.”

There is also the advantage that it is far less expensive than using real materials such as oak, mahogany or marble. But the results can be just as pleasing.

Martin is particularly qualified to perform the technique. As a young man he was taught how to do Faux finishing by Gloucestershire College lecturer David Wilson and went on to become the winner of the National Graining and Marbling competition.

Recently Martin wrote about the technique and how to do it in a four page article in the national Furniture and Cabinetmaking magazine. He went into great detail about the decorative style, although most people would probably rather leave it to the experts like Martin Green Traditional Decorating Ltd.

Faux finishing is another example of the quality and perfection on which Martin Green Traditional Decorating Ltd has built its reputation since the company was founded six years ago.

Thanks to steady growth, Martin Green Traditional Decorating Ltd has now achieved a £1 million turnover with a staff of 26 and a reputation for decorating some of the most fabulous properties including stately manor houses and elegant country houses.

The owners expect and receive craftsmanship of the finest quality.

Martin said: “I believe in being straight and honest with our clients. There is no secret to our success, just hard work and a commitment to quality.

“There is a boom in the decorating business at the moment and I am getting so many calls from clients and builders I have not heard from before.

“2017 is already looking very busy and we are recruiting more staff to join the company on our exciting journey”

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