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Traditional Painting

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When completing walls, ceilings and woodwork, we combine close attention to detail in preparation, with the expert application of the finest paints available to produce exceptionally finished work.
There are now a variety of emulsions (wall and ceiling paints) created to suit many environments, from historical lime and chalk based paints for a natural lustre too robust paints designed for high traffic areas. With the recent introduction of new paint technologies we can now achieve a fine natural matt lustre with durability.

Respecting your property

Once budgets and samples are approved finishes will be then be installed. We are always mindful of working sensitively and efficiently in your home. References and photographs of previous projects are willingly provided.

Commercial Decorating

We can provide an on site visit if required to discuss you requirements. We have the flexibility to supply a painting and a decorative service out of office hours to ensure that there is no or very little disruption in your workspace. We are fully insured, CSCS approved, UTR registered, public liability insured. You are welcome to forward drawings; plans and photographs for pricing and samples for intended projects can be produced and posted.

Our commercial services

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In total our staff have nearly 100 years of experience with painting and product knowledge. We offer a wide selection of quality paint, stain, painting supplies, wall covering and window treatments as well as expert design consultation for a comfortable, fun, and friendly decorating experience.

No job is too large or small for us and we provide the same quality service whether you are looking to have a small room or large country home decorated.

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Eco and Natural Paint

Allback linseed paints are made from natural 100% pure linseed oil, derived from renewable and sustainable resources. The Allback paint is made in the traditional way from cold pressed, boiled linseed oil and colour pigments without the use of lead oxide. People often think that oil paints smell strongly of and contain solvents. Traditional linseed oil paint like Allback’s, however contain no solvents and no alkyd binding medium and only smell of delicious linseed oil: Volatile Organic Compounds are virtually non-existent.

Allback Linseed Oil Project Paint